Photos of the construction of of our log home!

These pictures show the construction of our log home. It is a 3 bedroom home with a loft and full basement, and plenty of glass for dramatic views of the lake, woods, and mountains. The house was meticulously constructed by the Log Home Specialist of Peru, NY. Links to the Log Home Specialist's website and contact information for the builder and our various subcontractors can be found on our links page. All come highly recommended if you are building in the Adirondacks. We have been doing a lot of the finish work ourselves to save money and, more importantly, to have a personal investment in our home. Kudos to Sylvia who slaved with me in September to get two coats of Sikkens stain on the outside before winter! If you are thinking about building a log home, email us and we'll share whatever knowledge we have acquired. Most importantly, find a professional, responsible builder, which we were fortunate enough to do.

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First we need water Drilling a well Excavating
More digging The foundation Another view
Putting up the logs Just like playing with Lincoln Logs, only bigger
Putting on the roof Shell completed
The crew from the Log Home Specialist Hard working, experienced, talented Thank you all!
The house after staining Yep, Syl and I did it in one
long week
Rustic stairs to the loft
View from the loft The bathrooms And for relaxing after a hike