Pictures of Loon Lake

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At first we were just pitchin' tents.
This is historic Loon Lake in Franklin NY, 15 miles NE of Saranac Lake. And, yes, there really are Loons. We have built a path and steps down to the water, a lakefront deck, and are completing our log cabin. What a blessing!
Now we have a nearly-completed log home.
View of Loon Lake from a nearby mountain. Topographical Map of Loon Lake. 100 year old post card from the heydays of Loon Lake.
Loon Lake and the serenity and the tree. The downward spiral towards the water. View from the homesite.
View of our shoreline from the Lake. Is that a loon? Nope, Scott in a canoe. Kaleigh on the deck.
Sun setting at the Lake of Loon. Another mountain view of the Lake. The place to relax and enjoy the water.
Fall in the Adirondacks. As seen from the deck and house. This one was taken by Joyce.
Click for Photos of Path Construction. Click for Photos of the Wedding. Click for Photos of the Log Home.

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